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When you need help getting back inside your home, office, or in the driver’s seat after losing your car keys or find yourself in some other emergency that calls for the help of a professional technician, it’s important to make sure the professional you call is a mobile locksmith.  Enjoy the benefits of a mobile locksmith in Phoenix, AZ when you need it most.

Mobile locksmith comes to you

Mobile Locksmith Phoenix

Our mobile locksmith is ready with stocked vehicles and trained technicians ready to come to you when you need help. You don’t have to worry about locating and getting to an out-of-the-way office before you can get the service you need in a hurry. With mobile locksmith services, there is no need to waste time making an appointment and driving to a workshop. Mobile technicians are ready to come to you as soon as you place the call.

A mobile locksmith offers specialty services

You may be amazed at what a trained technician who works out of a service shop on wheels can offer you on the spot. Most are able to service commercial or residential customers as well as your vehicle locks and keys needs. Qualified technicians are able to open locked doors, cut new keys, change locks, re-key, provide you with lockout services for your car, home, or office, replace or repair mailbox locks, replace a car key, or ignition, and various other security services.

Mobile services are local

In order for a mobile locksmith to get to your location quickly and to know their way around the Phoenix streets, it’s important that the service is local. A mobile locksmith in Phoenix will be able to get to you anywhere within the Loop, both sides of Hwy. 17 and anywhere north of Tempe.

Services that are local, offer specialty services, and are ready to come to you when you call are just some of the benefits that a mobile locksmith has to offer. Call today to see how being mobile in Phoenix will benefit you.

Change Locks
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A lock on your door is the first line of defense against a potential intruder, so it’s important to make sure these locks are always in working order and able to protect you. Selecting and installing a quality brand and model of a lock is a great first step, but there are times to update and change your locks. Know when you should change your locks with these helpful tips.

Moving into a new home

Buying a new home is exciting, and receiving that set of keys to your front door is nothing short of celebratory. However, unless you had your house built and you are the very first owners, the first thing every homebuyer needs to do upon moving in is to change the locks. You simply don’t know who still has access to a copy of the keys. The safest step to take is to change the locks.

A roommate moved out

Whether you’re going through a nasty marriage separation, divorce, or a roommate has moved out of your home, it’s a safety measure to change the locks especially if tensions and emotions are heated. Even if everything is transitioning on a happy note, it’s good peace of mind to know you are the only one with access to your locks.

After a break-in

One of the most obvious times to get a new set of locks is after someone has broken into your home. To be extra safe, you might want to consider changing them even upon hearing of attempted burglaries in the area.

When you have lost your keys

Losing your keys is always an interruption to your plans, but while you may have successfully gotten back inside or even had a new key cut, it’s important to go one step further and have the lock changed. After you have lost your keys, you just never know whose hands they may have ended up in and how many copies of your key are floating around.

If you have loaned your keys to someone

Perhaps you’ve loaned your key to a housekeeper, a service provider, or a repairman. Maybe you loaned it to a family member or friend and never got it back. The smartest precautionary step to take is to go ahead and change the lock just to be certain of your security.

Routine maintenance

Even the best of locks eventually wear out. They become weakened, worn, and damaged just from everyday wear and tear. If it’s been more than five years or so, or you are beginning to notice the lock is hard to turn or has rust on it, it’s time to get a new one. So, if it’s been a while since you’ve had the lock installed or replaced, it’s probably time to change the lock.

When you want an upgrade

If your lock has served you well and there is no other reason to change it, you may want a security upgrade. For convenience and extra safety measures, it may be time to consider shifting to a keyless entry system or some other security features you’ve been wanting. If it’s time for an upgrade, it’s time to change your locks.

For more information about lock replacement click here. 

Locks Brands
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Best Locks Brands

Selecting a reliable lock to secure your home or office is an important decision. First, you will need to make sure that you choose the right kind of lock for your needs. Are you looking to secure your home, office, commercial property, store, or facilities such as a hospital or a school? In your selection process, it’s good to understand the best locks brands available and how they differ to get the best features at the most affordable price. Or, know whether the lock you are considering is worth paying a higher price to have.

Some of the most well-known brands include Schlage, Kwikset, Baldwin, Kaba Ilco, Corbin Russwin, Arrow, Sargent, Medeco, RR brink, Mul-T-Lock, or Yale. Additionally, a couple of lesser known brands may be worth looking into, such as Evva with its secure and complicated magnetic key system, and ASSA-Abloy, which owns and manufactures several of the popular brand names. Let’s take a closer look at what each brand has to offer.

Schlage – Schlage is a well-known industry leader that offers both keyed and keyless entry locks for homes and offices. This brand is readily accessible at most hardware or home improvement stores. For a more difficult lock to bump or pick, look into the Primus and Everest models.

Kwikset – If you look at many doors in America, you will no doubt notice the brand Kwikset stamped on the locks. They are widely used especially on rental properties as they are readily available and easy to install or re-key. They are also more vulnerable to being picked or bumped than some of the other brands, so if you want the most secure Kwikset model, look into their “SmartKey” cylinder.

Baldwin – While security is of most importance, this brand also delivers attractive designs without sacrificing function and safety. Home options include traditional knobs, contemporary levers, pocket door locks, deadbolts, and keyless entry systems that add an elegant appeal to the look of your home.

Kaba Ilco – This brand is often the choice of rental property owners, apartment complexes, or condominiums. Kaba Ilco also offers an electronic key card system with mobile access.

Corbin/Russwin – When you think of this brand, the words durability or strength may come to mind. That’s because Corbin/Russwin offers a commercial grade lock that is easy to install making it ideal for institutional use, hospitals, hotels, or classrooms.

Arrow – Focused on security and built to stand up to high traffic areas, these locks are often found securing public schools, universities, and even libraries.  A huge selling point is the quality and level of security this brand delivers at an affordable price.

Sargent – Another popular choice for schools, hospitals, and institutional use is Sargent thanks to its durable and secure design. This brand offers keyless or keyed entry systems as well as key fobs and keypads.

Medeco – If environmentally friendliness is a priority to you, then this brand is your choice. They offer several locking systems that carry the Certified Environmental Facts CEF multi-attribute certification from GreenCircle Certified, LLC. Of course, the brand also has a long reputation for being secure.

RR Brink – The name is often associated with bank vaults or prison cells, so when you think of them you think of high security. They are most well known for their heavy-duty mortise cylinders.

Mul-T-Lock – This brand is trusted by most because they have built a reputation on strength and security. They continue to offer strong solutions to locking.

Locks Brands

Like with many products, with locks, you often get what you pay for. If you’re looking for a cheap price, expect to sacrifice some amount of security. However, every brand has pros and cons depending on what your specific needs entail.

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